Price List
w.e.f. 18th April 2011
Index and Highlights
Oil Seals / V Ring / V Seal for Shaft
‘O’ Rings
‘X’ Rings (Quad Rings)
Nitrile ‘U’ Seal for Rod & Piston
Canvas ‘U’ Seals
‘D’ Seal / Fluid Seal for Hydraulic Application
PU : Piston Seal for Pneumatic Application
PU : Piston Seal for Hydraulic Application
PU : Rod Seal for high pressure Hydraulic Application
PU : Rod Seal for Hydraulic Application
PU : Rod Seal for Hydraulic Application
PU : Rod Seal for low pressure Pneumatic Application
PU : Seal for Rod & Piston
Nitrile Wiper Seal
PU: Dust Seals
PU : Dust Seal with metal back-up
PU : Cushion Seal for Pneumatic Application
Dust Seal ( PTFE + ‘O’ Ring )
Chevron Packing
Piston Seals
Nitrile Bucket Washer-Seal / TDUO H Seal / Piston Seal Assembly
Rod Composite Seal
Piston Composite Seal
BFT Wear / Guide Ring / Strips
Dowty Seal / Bonded Seal / U SIT Ring
Flat / Rectangular / Square Rings
Rubber Bushes / Step Rubber Bushes / Taper Rubber Bushes
Rubber Oring Cords / Rubber Sheets
Anti Vibration Mounting
Hardware Items

Circlips - Internal / External / E-type
Split Cotter Pins
V Rings for Shaft / Housing Bores
Snap Rings for Shaft / Housing Bores
K Ring for Shaft / Housing Bores
Cresent Rings for Shaft
Bearing pre-loading washers / Wave Washer
Disc Springs
Dowel Pins / Spring Dowel Pins
Steel Balls
Locking Washers
Lock Nuts
Shaft Keys
Conversion Table
Fluid Compatibility Table
Storage & Shelf Life Specifications
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